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Chapter 3
3.1 Introduction
3.1.1 It is only by listening to local people that a vision for the Town, which is owned by its residents, can be achieved. After undertaking extensive consultation, a Vision for the Town was identified which now forms the basis of the Corporate aims and objectives:
  a) To make Harlow a town to be proud of;
  b) A town which is green, clean and safe;
  c) Where good health is the right and responsibility of all;
  d) And where everyone can fulfil their potential.
3.2 Local Plan
3.2.1 The Council, as Local Planning Authority, is able to develop this vision into land use requirements and, over the whole lifetime of the Local Plan, make it happen in partnership with the community and other stakeholders. In addition, the vision of the Local Plan is based on the concepts of Sir Frederick Gibberd’s Master Plan and is intended to carry its aims and objectives forward into the 21 st century. The Local Plan has therefore a key role to play in achieving a town where everybody has an improved quality of life and all have pride in their environment.
3.3 Vision
3.3.1 This vision sees Harlow contributing to global sustainability, with a more sustainable local environment, which emphasises quality of life and well-being. It sees a safe town, which seeks social inclusion and where the needs of all residents are met, including those suffering from discrimination or disadvantage. A town where reliance on private transport is reduced; as public transport and facilities for walking and cycling are improved; where more people live near their work, leisure and community facilities; with higher density and mixed use housing and employment development, located near public transport.
3.3.2 It is a vision where the environment and the design of development is of the highest quality, maintaining the character of the Green Wedges, Green Belt and where heritage is valued and wildlife sites protected. Where a sufficient number of homes of the right price, quality and quantity are provided to meet local needs, and sustainable economic regeneration produces a vibrant local economy. Where leisure and education are developed to meet the needs of the town, and retailing and the town centre are regenerated. Also, if any longer term growth occurs, this should be sustainable and provide tangible benefits to the town.
3.3.3 This vision is expanded in the next section to form aims for the Local Plan, and further developed in the objectives of each topic chapter.
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