London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames - Unitary Development Plan
Unitary Development Plan - Adopted 1 March 2005

Welcome to the online version of the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames Local Plan.
The UDP was extended beyond 11th March 2008, with the exception of certain policies and proposals, which were not saved beyond that date.
The Core Strategy was adopted on 21st April 2009 and superseded some UDP policies.
The Development Management Plan was adopted on 1st November 2011 and replaced a significant number of UDP policies.
The Twickenham Area Action Plan was adopted on 2 July 2013, which introduced additional policies that apply within the Twickenham Area Action Plan boundary and also superseded some site specific proposals within Twickenham.
The West London Waste Plan was adopted on 30 July 2015.
The only parts of the UDP that remain saved and have not been superseded by Local Plan documents are those Proposal Sites that were originally saved and not superseded by the Twickenham Area Action Plan. The proposal sites, which remain extant, are shown below; all other policies have not been saved or have been superseded and they have been removed from the Proposals Map.
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Chapter 12


  WHITTON AND HEATHFIELD not saved beyond March 2008
12.55 Whitton and Heathfield are predominantly residential areas interrupted by small open areas and the shopping centre of Whitton High Street, the smallest of the Borough's four district shopping centres and the only one without a modern supermarket and car park. There are also three smaller shopping parades catering for day to day needs. The Whitton and Heathfield area is largely separated from the rest of the Borough by the A316. Much of the boundary with Hounslow does not follow natural features.
12.56 While much of the area is of inter-war origins, there are contrasting older areas of development to the north of Warren Road of mainly late 19th century and early 20th century origins. In view of their importance to the character of Whitton it is important that the character of these areas are preserved. The main priorities in Whitton and Heathfield are the protection and improvement of residential environment and amenity. There are a number of concerns.
12.57 The impact of the Sainsbury superstore at Hampton Hill and the Tesco superstore at Isleworth on the trade of Whitton centre will be monitored. Although it is unlikely that a new supermarket will be constructed in Whitton centre, the provision of a further store through amalgamation of units will be encouraged.
12.58 It is possible that the redevelopment of the former Feltham Marshalling Yards (in Hounslow) for new business and warehouse units will add heavy goods vehicles to roads in the area. The Tesco superstore has also created additional traffic problems. Aircraft noise is also a major problem which could be exacerbated through increased airport capacity or reduced restrictions on night flying.
12.59 The RFU stadium has completed a programme of improvements to provide an all-seater stadium, conference and other facilities. Major rugby events at the RFU have an impact on the functioning of the town centre, and on local residents. The Council is currently consulting on a matchday controlled parking zone.
12.60 The River Crane with Crane Park is a valuable feature. The park has been improved through the creation of a wildflower meadow and Crane Park Island is now a statutory Local Nature Reserve. The remainder of the district is, however, under provided with open space and playgrounds. There is a need for environmental improvements in certain areas of Whitton and Heathfield.
12.61 Road safety improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are planned for the road bridges at Hanworth Road and Hospital Bridge Road; accidents have also occurred at Nelson Bridge Road and highway improvements or widening of this bridge will be considered for inclusion in the next development plan.
12.62 For Whitton and Heathfield the Plan seeks especially to:
  Relevant policies
(1) maintain Whitton district shopping centre by retaining shops in key frontages, whilst identifying other frontages as being suitable for non-retail uses providing services to residents, such as restaurants and building society offices, and carrying out further environmental improvements when opportunities arise; STG 4
BLT 26
TC 1, 5, 6
(2) protect local shopping parades at Nelson Road and Heathside; STG 4
TC 5, 6
(3) provide trees in locations including Powdermill Lane/ Hospital Bridge Road area/ Prospect Crescent area, Mill Farm Crescent area, Nelson Road/Hanworth Road areas and the Rugby Road area; ENV 9
(4) provide a greater choice of housing by encouraging the provision of small housing units in this area of predominantly family housing and encourage the improvement of the housing stock and residential environment and where appropriate area-wide improvement; STG 6
BLT 26
HSG 11, 16, 17
(5) maintain and improve the residential environment through ensuring, as far as planning powers allow, changes and extensions to houses and new developments that are compatible with the character of the area, carrying out and encouraging environmental improvements and resisting the loss of garages; STG 2
BLT 11, 26, 28
(6) protect and enhance open land alongside the River Crane both as an amenity for residents and as a green corridor stretching from the M4 to the Thames. This will be achieved by managing part as an Other Site of Nature Importance, and maintaining a continuous footpath link as part of the River Crane Walk; STG 2
ENV 1, 6, 18, 28
(7) press for a reduction in aircraft noise and oppose changes in aviation activity which would increase the scale of the problem; STG 12
TRN 28
(8) seek to minimise any adverse effects on Borough residents from large crowds visiting the Rugby Ground, and of development near the Borough boundary, through appropriate initiatives and agreements and representations to other local authorities and bodies; STG 13
(9) provide public open space and children's play space in the extensive areas which are beyond walking distance of a local park, and sports facilities where opportunities arise; ENV 12
CCE 10
(10) ensure that parking problems in residential streets do not get any worse by investigating the introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone around Whitton town centre; and that, through a number of schemes, both pedestrian and motorist safety is improved; STG 11
TRN 4, 5, 21, 22
HSG 13
(11) prevent an increase in unsightly car parking in front gardens, where possible, through planning powers and by publicising the design guidance leaflet published by the Council; STG 2
BLT 28
(12) consider the introduction of a lorry ban to remove heavy goods vehicles from Powder Mill Lane as well as possible width restrictions. TRN 26
(13) implement area traffic schemes in Powder Mill Lane and the roads encompassed by the Woodlawn residential area using measures to restrain traffic, relieve residential roads of through traffic and improve safety. TRN 19
12.63 The proposals for Whitton and Heathfield are:
W1 not saved beyond March 2008 TWICKENHAM RUGBY GROUND INCREASED SPORTS AND RECREATIONAL USE The RFU Stadium could be adapted to provide for more uses benefiting residents, subject to agreements in relation to development strategies, operational matters, employment and the local economy, community and environmental initiatives, including a Green Transport Plan. To incorporate appropriate improvements to public transport and to there not being an adverse impact on residents particularly from traffic and car parking, and to all parking on-site being available when it is needed on match days. Private sector
W2 CHASE BRIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOLS, KNELLER ROAD POSSIBLE EXTENSION OF SCHOOL, USE OF PLAYGROUND OUT OF HOURS SUPERVISED BY A SUITABLE COMMUNITY GROUP To improve education facilities, to relieve the shortage of children's playgrounds in the area, and to implement the Council's dual use policy. Council/ Voluntary Groups/ School Governors
W3 NELSON PRIMARY SCHOOL, NELSON ROAD REDEVELOPMENT OF SCHOOL, AFFORDABLE HOUSING, USE OF PLAYGROUND OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS SUPERVISED BY A SUITABLE COMMUNITY GROUP To improve educational facilities the school will be consolidated on land adjoining the existing playing fields. Any resulting surplus part of the site along Nelson Road will be used to help meet the need for affordable housing. The Other Open Land of Townscape Importance on the site (the playing fields) should be protected and enhanced. The use of the playground out of school hours will help make up for the shortage of playgrounds in the area and implement the Council's dual policy. Access by other means than the car will be encouraged. Council/ Voluntary Groups/ School Governors/ RSL
W4 ST EDMUNDS RC PRIMARY SCHOOL, NELSON ROAD USE OF PLAYGROUND OUT OF HOURS SUPERVISED BY A SUITABLE COMMUNITY GROUP To relieve the shortage of children's playgrounds in the area, and to implement the Council's dual use policy. Council/ Voluntary Groups/ School Governors
W5 BISHOP PERRIN'S C OF E PRIMARY SCHOOL, HOSPITAL BRIDGE RD USE OF PLAYGROUND OUT OF HOURS SUPERVISED BY A SUITABLE COMMUNITY GROUP To relieve the shortage of children's playgrounds in the area, and to implement the Council's dual use policy. Council/ Voluntary Groups/ School Governors
W6 HOSPITAL BRIDGE RD, (B358), NORTH OF MONTROSE AVENUE WIDENING OF 380 M LENGTH OF HIGHWAY INCLUDING BRIDGE OVER RAILWAY (SEE APPENDIX C) To provide pedestrian footways on both sides of the carriageway and ease the carriageway pinch point on the crown of the bridge. Safe facilities for cyclists will be included in the design. Separate cycle facilities will be considered. The needs of cyclists will also be taken into consideration. Council
W7 HANWORTH ROAD (A314) RECONSTRUCTION OF RAILWAY BRIDGE WITH FOOTWAYS EITHER SIDE (SEE APPENDIX C) Reconstruction of the Railway Bridge will allow the provision of a third railway line adding to track capacity, and footways will improve facilities for pedestrians and pedestrian safety. Safe facilities for cyclists will be included in the design. Separate cycle facilities will be considered. The needs of cyclists will also be taken into consideration. Council
W8 POWDER MILL LANE HEAVY GOODS VEHICLES, VEHICLE CONSTRUCTION A scheme to minimise adverse effects of HGVs on the area is required particularly due to the development of Feltham Marshalling Yard. Council approved, but implementation is dependent upon developer funding
W9 WHITTON SCHOOL, PERCY ROAD INCREASED PUBLIC USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES AND PLAYING FIELDS To develop community use of the school and implement the Council's dual use policy. Replacement of existing redgra pitch with more appropriate artificial surface, floodlighting of pitch would allow evening and more flexible use. Access by alternative means of transport to the car will be encouraged. Council
W10 HIGH STREET ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS To enhance the environment of the shopping centre, in particular to keep under review the need for traffic management measures to enhance the pedestrian environment. Council
W11 A316 NEAR HOSPITAL BRIDGE ROAD EXTENSIONS TO FOOTBRIDGE To improve pedestrian facilities Highways Agency
W12 HANWORTH ROAD / POWDER MILL LANE JUNCTION IMPROVEMENT To improve road safety by providing traffic signals with a pedestrian phase. Council
W13 not saved beyond March 2008 MILL FARM SITE INDUSTRIAL / HOUSING INCLUDING AMENITY / CHILDREN'S PLAYSPACE To provide general industrial development B2/B8/B1(b) and (c) with rail linked warehouse and distribution depot on the eastern half of the site, in association with development on the adjoining site in London Borough of Hounslow. Any proposal should include a buffer of land of nature conservation importance to link to the area to the west of the site. A suitable buffer should also be provided to protect residential amenity. Access to the site to service the industrial development will be sought from Godfrey Way in preference to access via Millfield Road. The level of the development will be limited by the capacity of Hanworth Road, and the need to protect residential amenity, for example, along Powder Mill Lane from the effect of heavy goods vehicles. The western half of the site could be developed for affordable housing with access from the adjoining residential development in Farm Road. Access by alternative means of transport to the car will be encouraged. A cycle/pedestrian route should be provided through the residential development to provide a link to Hounslow Heath and beyond. To relieve the shortage of children's playspace in the area. Council /Private
W14 WHITTON STATION INTERCHANGE IMPROVEMENTS To improve interchange facilities including pedestrian and cycle access, cycle parking, and bus interchange information systems. To improve information systems and access for people with disabilities. Railtrack
W15 HEATHFIELD SCHOOLS AND HEATHFIELD RECREATION GROUND (part) REBUILD EXISTING SCHOOLS AND ADD SECONDARY SCHOOL. Existing schools to be rebuilt to more space efficient plan, new secondary school, improvements to Heathfield Recreation Ground to become dual use, public and school playing fields. Retention of North South footpath link. The use of Heathfield Recreation Ground by the School would not preclude public use of and access to the park. Council
The following proposal for Teddington and Hampton Wick also affects Whitton and Heathfield
D13 FROM KINGSTON BRIDGE VIA BUSHY PARK, HAMPTON HILL, FULWELL GOLF COURSE AND CRANE PARK TOWARDS HOUNSLOW HEATH LONDON LOOP, OUTER ORBITAL WALKING ROUTE - SIGNS AND WAYMARKING To implement this Borough's section of the Outer London Walking Route by means of signs, interpretive panels and a leaflet, in conjunction with the London Walking Forum and adjoining boroughs. Council, major land owners, sponsorship
London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames - Unitary Development Plan
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