London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames - Unitary Development Plan
Unitary Development Plan - Adopted 1 March 2005

Welcome to the online version of the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames Local Plan.
The UDP was extended beyond 11th March 2008, with the exception of certain policies and proposals, which were not saved beyond that date.
The Core Strategy was adopted on 21st April 2009 and superseded some UDP policies.
The Development Management Plan was adopted on 1st November 2011 and replaced a significant number of UDP policies.
The Twickenham Area Action Plan was adopted on 2 July 2013, which introduced additional policies that apply within the Twickenham Area Action Plan boundary and also superseded some site specific proposals within Twickenham.
The West London Waste Plan was adopted on 30 July 2015.
The only parts of the UDP that remain saved and have not been superseded by Local Plan documents are those Proposal Sites that were originally saved and not superseded by the Twickenham Area Action Plan. The proposal sites, which remain extant, are shown below; all other policies have not been saved or have been superseded and they have been removed from the Proposals Map.
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Chapter 12


  HAM AND PETERSHAM not saved beyond March 2008
12.17 Ham and Petersham are areas of considerable character created by the River Thames, the important historic landscape setting of Ham House, large areas of open space which surround the old village centres of Ham and Petersham and areas of relatively modern housing. Ham Common, Ham Lands and Richmond Park provide open space, wildlife habitats and recreational opportunities of metropolitan significance. The riverside and Ham House attract many visitors. Because of its position between the Thames and Richmond Park, the area is relatively isolated and much is semi-rural in character. There is only local shopping and limited local employment following closure of British Aerospace, just over the Borough boundary in Kingston. The high volume of traffic, including lorries, on the A307 is a major problem, but the historic pattern of development prevents major improvements. The Cassel Hospital is renowned for its treatment of people with mental illness. The Council welcomes the fact that the future of the hospital now appears more certain and would encourage improvement of facilities.
12.18 The main priorities for Ham and Petersham are to preserve its quiet rural character and the historical value of its landscapes, improve facilities for residents and make the best of its natural advantages. The rural character, and the poor level of accessibility by public transport, mean that the extension of commercial uses will be inappropriate anywhere in the area including around the Common. The Council is anxious that Petersham Meadows remain in their existing undeveloped and occasionally flooded state in order to preserve the meadowland habitat, and that the dairy farm should remain since the presence of cattle adds so much to this historically important local agricultural scene. The Council is also concerned that, where appropriate, historic landscape features associated with Ham House such as avenues and vistas should be restored.
12.19 For Ham and Petersham the Plan seeks especially to:
  Relevant policies
(1) preserve the quiet rural character of the area by resisting major changes and safeguarding open land; STG 2
ENV 1, 5
(2) protect and maintain the famous views from Richmond Hill, the vista from Ham House across Ham Common, views from Ham Lands to Strawberry Hill, Radnor House Gardens and Pope's Grotto and tower, and other views particularly on the riverside; STG 2
ENV 5, 26
(3) protect and enhance Ham House, Petersham and Ham Common conservation areas and protect historic buildings; STG 2
ENV 10
BLT 2, 3, 4
TRN 26
(4) review the need for some form of heavy goods vehicle control; STG 11
TRN 26
(5) protect local shopping centres at St Richard's Square in Ashburnham Road and Back Lane/Ham Street, especially since the area is some distance from larger centres and Ham Parade; STG 4
TC 3, 6, 7
(6) minimise the adverse effects of the large numbers of visitors to Ham House and the riverside at Petersham; STG 10
(7) restrict development on the riverside to protect the flora and fauna and the view from Richmond Hill; STG 2
ENV 5, 19, 26
(8) secure environmental improvements at the Ham Street shopping centre and tree planting on Lock Road, Dukes Avenue, off Riverside Drive and Ashburnham Road, on Ham Common and by Ham House; STG 2
BLT 26
(9) encourage the improvement of the housing stock and residential environment and where appropriate seek area wide improvement; BLT 26
HSG 16, 17
(10) ensure that parking problems in residential streets do not get any worse and review and monitor short-term parking provision at Ham Parade; STG 11
TRN 4, 5, 21, 22
(11) protect and enhance Ham Lands, the copse next to Petersham Lodge, Glovers Island, Ham Common and Ham Pond as Other Sites of Nature Importance and designate them as local nature reserves; STG 2
ENV 18
(12) encourage improvements in the levels of bus services, especially links to Richmond; STG 11
TRN 12
(13) implement an area traffic scheme in Ham and Petersham using measures to restrain traffic, relieve residential streets from through traffic and improve road safety; STG 11
TRN 19
(14) continue to protect the historic garden of Ham House and in liaison with the National Trust, restore and enhance its historic landscape setting and avenues as resources permit; support other authorities in maintaining the environmental quality of Richmond Park; STG 2
ENV 10
(15) prevent an increase in unsightly car parking in front gardens where possible through planning powers and through publicising the design guidance leaflet published by the Council; STG 2
BLT 28
(16) press for a reduction in helicopter noise and oppose changes in aviation activity which would increase the scale of the problem; STG 12
TRN 28
(17) seek to minimise any adverse effects on Borough residents of development near the Borough boundary through appropriate representations to other local authorities and bodies; STG 13
(18) promote, in conjunction with RB Kingston upon Thames, a footpath link from Richmond Park/Ham Common through the Cassel Hospital and the former British Aerospace sites to link up with the River Thames. TRN 8
(19) improve horse rides at Ham Common to reduce conflicts with other users and prevent ecological damage in the area generally. ENV 11
12.20 The Proposals for Ham and Petersham are:
P1 MEADLANDS SCHOOL USE OF PLAYGROUND OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS SUPERVISED BY A SUITABLE COMMUNITY GROUP To relieve the shortage of children's play space in the area and implement the Council's dual use policy. Council, voluntary groups, school governors, housing associations
P2 not saved beyond March 2008 RESERVOIR LAND AGRICULTURAL OR SIMILAR USE Surplus to Thames Water's requirements. The future use of the site must be compatible with the need to protect and enhance views, the conservation area and metropolitan open land. Private sector
P3 GREY COURT SCHOOL, HAM STREET ALTERATION, EXTENSION AND IMPROVEMENT OF SCHOOL PREMISES, INCREASED PUBLIC USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES INCLUDING SPORTS HALL To improve educational facilities and to develop community use of the school and implement the Council's dual use policy. Access by alternative means to the car to be encouraged. Council, voluntary groups, school governors
P4 KING GEORGE'S PAVILION HOUSING/ EMPLOYMENT/ COMMUNITY USE IN EXISTING BUILDING Housing, employment or community use, must preserve and restore this listed building and respect the setting of the conservation area and Ham House. Private
London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames - Unitary Development Plan
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