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Flintshire County Council Unitary Development Plan 2000-2015
Adopted 28th September 2011

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Appendix 1: Types of Developer Obligations



Facilities to Support Development

  • Education facilities - new schools or additional classrooms
  • Affordable Housing
  • Public (open) space including maintenance
  • Play space/sports facilities
  • Community facilities e.g. libraries, health centres, leisure
  • Public art
  • Childcare/creche/nursery
  • Access for disabled people
  • Crime prevention
  • Waste recycling facilities

Highway/Physical Infrastructure

  • Highways - improvements to network, site access, provision of access roads, public transport
  • Drainage/sewerage/flood defence
  • Operational parking off site
  • Improved public parking
  • Traffic signals
  • Provision of public transport
  • Travel Plans
  • Cycle and pedestrian facilities, footpaths

Meeting external costs

  • Physical measures to alleviate impact e.g. traffic management, landscaping, noise insulation
  • Habitat creation/management

Enhancing the built environment and conservation

  • Restoration of listed buildings
  • Restoration of buildings of local importance
  • Archaeology - preservation/ improved facilities at Scheduled Ancient Monuments
  • Archaeology - retention/recording of features
  • Public access within development

Enhancing and improving the environment/ecology

  • Public access to open space
  • Land reclamation
  • Retain feature/enhance nature conservation value

Measures to offset loss of/impact on amenity/resource on site

  • Replacement/retention of recreational/environmental facilities for those lost on site e.g. playing field, nature conservation area, waste recycling

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