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Flintshire County Council Unitary Development Plan 2000-2015
Adopted 28th September 2011

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Policy Index

Chapter 3 Part 1Policies

STR1 New Development

STR2 Transport and Communications

STR3 Employment

STR4 Housing

STR5 Shopping Centres and Commercial Development

STR6 Tourism

STR7 Natural Environment

STR8 Built Environment

STR9 Welsh Language and Culture

STR10 Resources

STR11 Sport, Leisure and Recreation

Chapter 4 General Development Considerations

GEN1 General Requirements for Development

GEN2 Development Inside Settlement Boundaries

GEN3 Development in the Open Countryside

GEN4 Green Barriers

GEN5 Environmental Assessment

GEN6 Welsh Language and Culture

Chapter 5 Design

D1 Design Quality, Location and Layout

D2 Design

D3 Landscaping

D4 Outdoor Lighting

D5 Crime Prevention

D6 Public Art

D7 Outdoor Advertisements


Chapter 6 Trees, Woodlands and Hedgerows

TWH1 Development Affecting Trees and Woodlands

TWH2 Protection of Hedgerows

TWH3 Woodland Planting and Management

Chapter 7 Landscapes

L1 Landscape Character

L2 Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

L3 Green Spaces

L4 Common Land

L5 Environmental Improvement Schemes

L6 The Undeveloped Coast

Chapter 8 Wildlife and Biodiversity

WB1 Species Protection

WB2 Sites of International Importance

WB3 Statutory Sites of National Importance

WB4 Local Sites of Wildlife and Geological Importance

WB5 Undesignated Wildlife Habitats

WB6 Enhancement of Nature Conservation Interests

Chapter 9 Historic Environment

HE1 Development Affecting Conservation Areas

HE2 Development affecting Listed Buildings and their Settings

HE3 Demolition in Conservation Areas

HE4 Buildings of Local Interest

HE5 Protection of Registered Landscapes, Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest

HE6 Scheduled Ancient Monuments and other Nationally Important Archaeological Sites

HE7 Other Sites of Lesser Archaeological Significance

HE8 Recording of Historic Features

Chapter 10 Access and Communications

AC1 Facilities for the Disabled

AC2 Pedestrian Provision and Public Rights of Way

AC3 Cycling Provision

AC4 Travel Plans for Major Traffic Generating Development

AC5 New / Improvements to Public Transport Facilities

AC6 Railway Stations

AC7 Protection of Disused Railway Lines

AC8 Buses

AC9 Provision of New Railfreight Facilities

AC10 Mostyn Docks

AC11 Other Docks / Jetties

AC12 Airport Safeguarding Zone

AC13 Access and Traffic Impact

AC14 Traffic Calming

AC15 Traffic Management

AC16 Road Improvements / New Roads Design

AC17 Safeguarded Routes

AC18 Parking Provision and New Development

AC19 Lay-by and Picnic Areas

AC20 Lorry Parks

AC21 Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

AC22 Location of Installations

AC23 New Development and Interference with Telecommunications Signals

AC24 Cable Installation

Chapter 11 Housing

HSG1 New Housing Development Proposals

HSG2 Housing at Croes Atti, Flint

HSG2A Strategic Mixed Use Development: Land North West of Garden City

HSG2B Former Holywell Textile Mill

HSG3 Housing on Unallocated Sites Within Settlement Boundaries

HSG4 New Dwellings Outside Settlement Boundaries

HSG5 Limited Infill Development Outside Settlement Boundaries

HSG6 Replacement Dwellings Outside Settlement Boundaries

HSG7 Change of Use to Residential Outside Settlement Boundaries

HSG8 Density of Development

HSG9 Housing Mix and Type

HSG10 Affordable Housing Within Settlement Boundaries

HSG11 Affordable Housing in Rural Areas

HSG12 House Extensions and Alterations

HSG13 Annex Accommodation

HSG14 Gypsy Sites

HSG15 Re-use/Conversion of Large Houses/Former Residential Institutional Buildings Outside Settlement Boundaries


Chapter 12 Shopping Centres and Commercial Development

S1 Commercial Allocations

S2 Shop-front Design

S3 Integrating New Commercial Development

S4 Small Scale Shopping Within Settlements

S5 Small Scale Shopping Outside Settlements

S6 Large Shopping Developments

S7 Retail Frontages Within Town Centre Core Retail Areas

S8 Hot Food Takeaways, Restaurants and Cafes

S9 Non-Retail Commercial Development

S10 Conversion of Upper Floors

S11 Retention of Local Facilities

S12 Markets and Car Boot Sales


Chapter 13 Employment

EM1 General Employment Land Allocations

EM2 High Quality Site Allocations

EM3 Development Zones and Principal Employment Areas

EM4 Location of Other Employment Development

EM5 Expansion of Existing Concerns

EM6 Protection of Employment Land

EM7 Bad Neighbour Industry


Chapter 14 Rural Enterprise and Agriculture

RE1 Protection of Agricultural Land

RE2 New Agricultural and Forestry Buildings

RE3 Intensive Livestock Units

RE4 Small Scale Rural Enterprises

RE5 Small Scale Farm Diversification


Chapter 15 Sport and Recreation

SR1 Sports, Recreation or Cultural Facilities

SR2 Outdoor Acitivities

SR3 Golf Facilities

SR4 Protecting Recreational Open Space

SR5 Outdoor Playing Space and New Residential Development

SR6 Allotments

SR7 Allocated Sites for Outdoor Playing Space

SR8 The Dee Estuary Corridor


Chapter 16 Tourism

T1 Tourist Attractions

T2 Serviced Tourist Accommodation

T3 Self-Catering Tourist Accommodation

T4 New Static Caravans and Chalet Holiday Sites

T5 Extension of Existing Static Caravan and Chalet Holiday Sites

T6 Touring Caravan Sites

T7 Tent Camping Sites

T8 Holiday Occupancy Conditions

T9 Small Scale Tourism Based Farm Diversification

T10 Greenfield Valley


Chapter 17 Community Facilities

CF1 Retention of Existing Facilities

CF2 Development of New Facilities

CF3 New Primary School

CF4 New Health Clinic

CF5 New Community Centres

CF6 Service Provision

CF7 Development by Utilities


Chapter 18 Minerals

MIN1 Guiding Minerals Development

MIN2 Minerals Development

MIN3 Controlling Minerals Operations

MIN4 Restoration and Aftercare

MIN5 Dormant, Inactive and Interim Development Order Sites

MIN6 Review of Mineral Permissions

MIN7 Exploration for Minerals

MIN8 Protection of Mineral Interests

MIN9 Borrow Pits

MIN10 Mineral Buffer Zones


Chapter 19 Energy, Waste and Pollution

EWP1 Sustainable Energy Generation

EWP2 Energy Efficiency in New Development

EWP3 Renewable Energy in New Development

EWP4 Wind Turbine Development

EWP5 Other Forms of Renewable Energy Generation

EWP6 Areas of Search for New Waste Management Facilities

EWP7 Managing Waste Sustainably

EWP8 Control of Waste Development and Operations

EWP9 New Development and Waste Management Facilities

EWP10 Re-using Development Waste

EWP11 Development On or Adjacent To Landfill Sites

EWP12 Pollution

EWP13 Nuisance

EWP14 Derelict and Contaminated Land

EWP15 Development of Unstable Land

EWP16 Water Resources

EWP17 Flood Risk


Chapter 20 Implementation

IMP1 Planning Conditions and Planning Obligations

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