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Welcome to the East Sussex
Interactive Bus Map

This easy-to-navigate site has been created to display bus routes across the county, providing relevant timetable information and details of Community Transport schemes in operation.

Rail stations are included along with visitor attractions which provide direct access to their own websites.

How to use this website

Map screenshot


Clicking on a tab will change the contents of the infobox.


Easy reference guide to map symbols.


Click on ‘Destination Search’ tab to display a list of towns and places on the map. Click again on your chosen place name to display it in the map window.


Timetables for every service in East Sussex will appear here, with the exception of school buses, seasonal and irregular services. Click on the desired service to highlight the route in the map window.


The Route Information tab will open once you have clicked on your choice from the timetable list. This shows brief details of the route, as well as providing contact details for the bus operator. You can also display the Traveline timetable for each route through this page.


This tab provides contact details of all the companies who operate bus services within East Sussex.


Information about Community Transport can be found here. By clicking on the Community Transport Symbol symbol, details of Community Transport schemes operating in each area will be provided from the East Sussex County Council website.

2. Info Box

Once you've clicked on a tab, Information will appear in the Info Box.

3. Toolbar

Help toolbar graphic

4. Map Window

Hold main mouse button and drag to navigate the map. If the mouse pointer changes to a Mouse Pointer then you will be able to click on the item for more information. For instance, route numbers will highlight the route and show a show a link (in the display on the left) for available timetables. Places of interest and rail stations also have links to additional information.

5. Overview Box

Hold down main mouse button and drag to reposition the map in the main window.

6. Print View

Clicking on the print button will open another window containing just the map view. To print, choose File from the top left hand side of the browser menu and highlight Print to bring up print options.

7. Town Centre

If you require detailed information for routes in a town centre click on the shaded boxes on the main map. This will open up town centre plans highlighting local routes and services.

This website is hosted by GRM Mapping Limited on behalf of East Sussex County Council.


Map Key Graphic

To view operator details and timetables for a specific route, please click on the relevant service number on the map.

Destination Search

To zoom into a destination on the main map, either:

i) click on a place name in the drop-down list, or

ii) type the name into the box and then click on your desired location from the narrowed list.

Timetable Search

Enter a known route number to filter results. Click on a route from the list to highlight the route on the map.

Community Transport

Community Transport is non-profit transport that is developed by local people and communities to serve their local needs.

It provides transport where there is either no existing conventional public transport or where existing public transport cannot be used.

There are over 40 community transport schemes operating in East Sussex, most of which are available for use by everyone in the community, no matter what your age, physical ability or financial status.

Each scheme is different and has been developed to serve the needs of its community to destinations such as hospitals, surgeries, shopping centres, or places of entertainment.

The county council provides advice and support wherever possible; however it is important to ensure that the focus and control of these services remains with the local community.

For more information about Community Transport in East Sussex, please email

Using the Map

Areas where Community Transport schemes operate in East Sussex are represented on the map with a  symbol.

Further information about these schemes can be found by clicking on the symbol, which will open a new window from the East Sussex County Council website.