Javascript Menu by Brighton & Hove public transport map

Introduction and Help

Clicking on the tabs above the map window will change the contents of the information box to the left of the map window.

An easy reference guide to the symbols used on the map.

This shows a list of places and bus stops on the map. Click on any name to zoom in and centre that place in the map window.

A list of all Brighton & Hove services will appear here. Click on any service to highlight the route on the map and access links to view the timetable.

A direct link to the Useful Links & Information on the Brighton & Hove web site.

Clicking on the print button will open another window containing just the map view and key. To print, choose File from the top left hand side of the browser menu and highlight Print to bring up print options.

Clicking on this tab resets the map view to the default opening view.

Hold down the main mouse button and drag to navigate the map. If the mouse pointer changes to a hand pointer then you will be able to click on the item for more information. For instance, route numbers will highlight the route and show a show a link (in the display on the left) for available timetables. Places of interest also have links to additional information.

The mini map box in the top right corner of the map window shows which part of the map you are viewing in the main map window. You can hold down the main mouse button and drag to reposition the map in the main window, or close the overview box to allow more map to display.

If you require more detailed information for routes in the City Centre click anywhere within the City Centre box on the main map. This will open up an enlargement of the City Centre highlighting local routes and services. Bus route numbers, bus stops and visitor attractions can be clicked on for more information.

This web site is designed for use in most browsers and platforms. Updated and hosted by GRM Mapping on behalf of Brighton & Hove.