Info & Menu  
Clicking on a tab will change the contents of the infobox.
Key Tab
Guide to map symbology.
Route Tab 
Timetables for highlighted routes will appear here.
To un-highlight a route click on ‘Click here’.
Click on ‘Quick Search’ drop down list to display a list of towns and places, click again to display selection in map window.
List of external links that may contain further information of interest.
 Map Window
Hold main mouse button and drag to navigate the map. If the mouse pointer changes to a then an item has additional interactivity. Route numbers when clicked on will highlight that route and show a link (in the display on the left) for available timetables. Places of interest may have links to additional information
 Overview Box
Hold down main mouse button and drag to reposition the map in the main window.
 Print View 
Clicking on the print button will open another window containg just the map view.
Choose File - Print from the browser menu to print.
 Town Centre
If you require detailed information for routes in a town centre click on the yellow boxes on the main map.