List of Policies
Policy Name
CS1 The Spatial Strategy
CS2 Amount and Distribution of Residential Development 2006-2026
CS3 Amount and Distribution of Non-Residential Development 2006-2026
CS4 Ensuring That Development Is Sustainable
CS5 Encouraging Renewable Energy Schemes
CS6 Strategic Housing Allocations
CS7 Major Developed Sites Within The Green Belt Allocated For Housing
CS8 Affordable Housing Policy
CS9 Affordable Housing in Rural Areas
CS10 Affordable Housing Type
CS11 Affordable Housing Size
CS12 Specialist Housing
CS13 Major Developed Site Within The Green Belt At The National Society for Epilepsy, Chalfont St Peter
CS14 Sites For Gypsies And Travellers And Sites For Travelling Showpeople
CS15 Smart Growth
CS16 Employment Land
CS17 Major Developed Site Within The Green Belt At Chalfont Grove, Chalfont St Peter
CS18 Development Within District Shopping Centres
CS19 Supporting The Rural Economy
CS20 Design And Environmental Quality
CS21 Areas Of Little Change
CS22 Chilterns Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty
CS23 Review of the Boundaries of Identified Settlements and Rows of Dwellings Within the Green Belt
CS24 Biodiversity
CS25 Dealing With The Impact Of New Development On The Transport Network
CS26 Requirements Of New Development
CS27 Working For A Healthier Community
CS28 Retaining And Improving Leisure And Recreational Facilities
CS29 Community
CS30 Reducing Crime And The Fear Of Crime
CS31 Infrastructure
CS32 Green Infrastructure


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