Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan

Appendix 7 - Primary and Core Road Networks

Primary Road Network (corresponds to the identified Strategic network):

M4 A484 A40 (T)
A48 A476 B4310
A4138 A477 (T) B4335
A474 A4878 B4336
A483 (T) A4069 B4459
A48 (T) A482 B4039
A486 A485 B4317

Core Road Network (corresponds to the identified Highway network):

A4066 B4304 B4556
A4068 B4306 B4301
B4299 B4300 B4303
B4333 B4328 B4314
B4310 B4312 B4297
B4337 B4308  
B4302 B4368  


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