Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan

Appendix 2 - Strategic Sites

Site 1 – West Carmarthen (Site Reference: GA1/MU1)

Site Context/Description
Located on the western edge of Carmarthen, the site forms an important gateway to the town. The site occupies an area of 129.5 hectares and is predominantly agricultural land and undulating in nature. The site is bounded by Travellers Rest in the west, the A40 to the south and Jobswell Road to the east. The site also incorporates St David’s Hospital. There is also a narrow area lying between the A40 and the railway which forms part of the overall site area.

The site plays a key role in the delivery of growth for Carmarthen in accordance with the strategy and the town’s position as a Growth Area within this Plan. Development of the site will provide an opportunity to consolidate and enhance the status of Carmarthen regionally by delivering an important element of sustainable growth. The site was also allocated in the UDP, having been identified as a Planning and Development Brief site. It is currently the subject of SPG to the UDP in the form of a Planning and Development Brief (see Implementation below).

Proposed Use/Concept
A variety of uses are proposed for the site, including residential with a notional allocation for 1,100 units, education, amenity/recreation and employment. Significant parts of the site are set aside to protect the site’s landscape and cultural heritage aspects. The delivery of the site is in conjunction with the construction of a new road scheme, as reflected within the RTP and Carmarthenshire’s Priorities for Transport, which will link the top of Jobswell Road with the A40 (See policy SP9 -Transportation).

The constraints affecting the site are explored within the SPG and background evidence. The most notable considerations are:

An Implementation Plan should be prepared in conjunction with detailed development proposals for the whole site, as stipulated in the SPG. The UDP established the suitability of the site, and any proposals that come forward in advance of the LDP will have been considered under the UDP.

Matters that will require consideration in the phasing of development include the provision of new infrastructure and utilities, and road construction

Site 2 – Pibwrlwyd, Carmarthen (Site Reference: GA1/MU2)

Site Context/Description
Located to the south of Carmarthen, the site is located within an area dominated by employment, retail and educational facilities. Part of it falls within the campus of Coleg Sir Gâr. Situated at a strategic location in close proximity to the A48, this largely flat green field site occupies a total area of 34.7 ha, which when taking out the College campus covers an area of 29.56ha.

Strategically, the site represents a key area for future employment growth for Carmarthen, consolidating and enhancing the status of Carmarthen regionally by delivering sustainable growth.

Proposed Use/Concept
The proposed use for the site is for a business park centred around employment uses (Use Classes B1, B2 and B8), with uses associated with, and ancillary to the existing Coleg Sir Gar.

A development brief in the form of SPG has been prepared and adopted. This in setting out appropriate uses under Use Classes B1, B2 & B8 for the employment element of the site also explores other potential compatible uses. Residential use on this site is not considered appropriate.

No direct constraints are identified. Any issues are considered through the SPG.

Details on phasing forms a component of the SPG. An Implementation Plan, including further detailed master planning will explore matters relating to phasing to ensure effective delivery. The proposal will require the provision of new infrastructure and utilities.

Site 3 – South Llanelli Strategic Zone

Site Context/Description
Located along Llanelli Waterside, the South Llanelli Strategic Zone is made up of a number of individual sites each contributing to the regeneration aspirations of south Llanelli. The delivery of the zone will contribute significantly to not only meeting the strategy of the LDP in relation to Llanelli but also the aspirations of the Wales Spatial Plan. The zone is located to the south of the town centre and is set against a waterfront setting adjacent to the Millennium Coastal Park. The area enjoys excellent access to the strategic transport network, with the railway station within walking distance. Significant public and private sector investment has been made within the area, including the delivery of a new link road. Largely flat and consisting of previously developed land by virtue of the area’s industrial past, the zone comprises of the following specific areas/sites all of which are located within two distinct clusters around the south Llanelli link road (B4304) which adjoins both the A484 and the A4214.

At a strategic level, the above sites represent key economic and regeneration drivers for the Joint Venture Partnership (JV) which consists of Carmarthenshire County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government (DE&T). Development of the sites will provide an opportunity to deliver sustainable growth in a manner which also reflects the LDP objectives in respect of previously developed land. The sites have been informed by various development (master planning) strategies commissioned by the JV. These aspirations give due consideration to market conditions as well as other considerations/constraints (see the implementation section below). The strategies/master plans together with the adopted SPG will inform the implementation and delivery of the sites having been prepared with input across a number of specialist areas.

Proposed Use/Concept
Delta Lakes (Site Reference: GA2/MU9) – The area offers a range of potential uses centred around employment via B1&B8 Business use. Potential has also been identified for a health facility in conjunction with the business activities proposed. The eastern portion of GA2/MU9 is occupied by the Brain Injury Trust Facility (land on the Avenue). Delta Lakes benefits from an attractive environmental setting which further enhances its potential for employment and a well being offer.

Machynys (Site References: GA2/H14, GA2 H12 & GA2/MU3) – This area offers potential for a mixed use proposal incorporating residential, amenity (Eco park) and commercial leisure. It should be noted that the residential element on that area to the west (GA2/H14) has planning permission for 205 units and is nearing completion, whilst the residential development at Pentre Nicklaus is now substantively complete. It is considered that the area identified for amenity use (GA2/MU3) will provide an important mitigation and amenity function for the area.

The Avenue (Site References: GA2/H13, GA2MU9 & GA2/H15 ) – This area either side of the Avenue offer potential for a mix of uses including social and residential care, private health care (for Brain Injury Trust facility) and residential (allowance of 60 units on housing allocation GA2/H13 and 60 units on GA2/H15).

North Dock (Site Reference: GA2/MU7) – Parts of this site have already been developed thus reflecting the long term commitment to the regeneration of the area from both the private and public sectors. Delivery thus far includes residential and office development around the edge of the dock along with a discovery centre (visitor centre/restaurant/office). Much of the remaining area has been cleared with the exception of an existing employment use which does not at this stage form part of these strategic site proposals.

Proposed uses within North Dock will focus on developing the area’s commercial and visitor/activity tourism offer. There will also be an emphasis on residential development (an allowance of 335 units is made across the plan period) together with a mix of other uses including employment, leisure and incidental tourism related retail.

Old Castle Works (Site Reference: GA2/MU1) – It is considered that a mix of uses would be appropriate for this area, with the focus being on the visitor economy, heritage and commercial leisure The site has been cleared with the Grade II listed Tinnings building remaining. The focus will be on bringing the site forward to establish how this historic structure may be effectively and acceptably incorporated into any proposals. The site offers potential for commercial leisure.

Matters relating to a number of constraints affecting the site (including the following) are explored within the emerging development strategies/master plans. Some notable considerations are:

In terms of flood risk, reference should be given to the updated TAN15 DAMs (March 2013) and the LDP evidence base (Submission Documents CSD109 – CSD114 inclusive).

Regard should be had to the provisions of the MoU in relation to the Burry Inlet and the outcomes of the HRA for this LDP in relation to the Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries European Marine Site (CBEEMS)’.

Phasing on a case by case basis can form an important component in delivering growth in the Llanelli area. It affords an opportunity to ensure that any release of development land is within the context set by the constraints within that area.

Reference should be had to the adopted SPG prepared in relation to the above sites.

Site 4 – Dafen, Llanelli (Site Reference: GA2/E1)

Site Context/Description
Located on the A4138 north eastern gateway into Llanelli, the site forms part of an area with a focus on employment related uses. The strategic designation is underpinned by the site’s direct access to the M4, together with its current mix of employment uses. These uses range from the automotive productions associated with Calsonic etc through to The Beacon and its office and meeting space. All of these issues provide a steer as to the need for a continuation and consolidation of employment related activity on the site.

The site is strategic in size and consists of some 22.80ha of proposed employment land. It comprises of infill opportunities around existing units as well as larger undeveloped areas. Dafen therefore represents an important employment area for Llanelli and indeed the whole County. The site affords an opportunity to provide a level of provision consistent with Llanelli’s designation as a growth area whilst delivering opportunities for sustainable growth and employment creation. This will assist in achieving the delivery of the LDP strategic objectives, particularly in terms of the promotion of investment and innovation.

Proposed Use/Concept
The proposed use for the site is for a continuation and consolidation of the existing employment uses (B1, B2 and B8). The area’s range of employment activity, together with its variety of premises, presents an opportunity to develop a branded approach to the area and to support the development of high end (eg R&D) employment uses as and where appropriate.

The constraints affecting the site include the following:

In terms of flood risk, reference should be given to updated TAN15 DAMs (March 2013 and the LDP evidence base (Submission Documents CSD109 – CSD114 inclusive).

There is potential for the preparation of a brief or master plan to assist in guiding the delivery of the site and in providing a cohesive design and holistic approach to its development. Given the strategic nature of the site, it will be expected to make a contribution towards meeting a range of LDP objectives, particularly in terms of sustainable building standards.

The delivery of the site is likely to be through natural phasing with market demand and condition dictating release. However it is recognised that site by site considerations may also apply.

Site 5 – Cross Hands Strategic Zone

Site Context/Description
Located around the key nodal point on the A48 at Cross Hands, the Cross Hands strategic zone is made up of three sites each contributing to the regeneration and economic development of the Ammanford/Cross Hands Growth Area and Carmarthenshire as a whole. The sites are located either side of the A48 with excellent access to the M4, the strategic highway network and the surrounding communities. They represent relatively large areas consisting of previously developed and greenfield land and comprise of the following:

Strategically the sites represent a key economic and regeneration driver in Cross Hands and include Joint Ventures between Carmarthenshire County Council and WG (DE&T) in respect of Cross Hands East and the Food Park together with a Council and private developer joint venture arrangement for Cross Hands West.

Development of the sites provide an opportunity to bring forward a range of use in a sustainable location, some of which have been prepared for development with necessary site requirements put in place. Ongoing proposals have in part been informed by development (masterplanning) strategies prepared as part of planning applications and through internal promotion.

Proposed Use/Concept
Cross Hands West (Site Reference: GA3/MU1) – The site offers the potential for a range of uses with proposals in place for retail, health care (resource centre), residential (220 units), amenity/recreation and the provision roads linking through the site to adjacent communities. The site has planning permission for a mixed use development.

Cross Hands East (Site Reference: GA3/E7) – This site is proposed for predominately employment use with appropriate associated uses. It is situated adjacent to the current business/retail park and provides an opportunity to consolidate on the current economic and employment activities within the Cross Hands area. The proposal includes the provision of part of the Cross Hands Economic Link Road (see Policy SP9) as set out within the RTP and Carmarthenshire’s Priorities for Transport. Planning permission has been granted for the link road and the employment area with funding secured.

Cross Hands West Food Park (Site Reference: GA3/E8) – This site situated on the western side of the A48 provides an opportunity to consolidate on the successes experienced in developing the area to date. In this respect, a number of development areas and plateaus have been prepared to allow the completion of development in this area. The site is considered appropriate for employment (B1, B2 and B8) with an emphasis on uses consistent with the food park theme.

The potential constraints affecting the area include the following:

Matters relating to the impacts of development on the international designations are considered through the HRA. The policies of this LDP seek to ensure that sufficient support in place to allow the required level of certainty on the delivery of the sites. SPG for the Caeau Mynydd Mawr SAC has been prepared to provide the mechanisms needed to ensure plan delivery (see below). Consequently sites in the area may be subject to the provisions of the adopted Caeau Mynydd Mawr SAC Supplementary Planning Guidance along with Policy EQ7.

It is noted that the majority of the above have secured Planning permission and are indeed either being delivered or will be delivered in the near future with many of the issues impacting upon the area having been resolved. Reference should be had to the provisions of Policy EQ7 and the SPG for the Caeau Mynydd Mawr SAC in addressing the identified potential for a likely significant effect on the marsh fritillary metapopulation of the SAC.

A landscape strategy provides a framework the consideration of broader implications, beyond individual site areas, as part of an integrated approach across the broader Cross Hands area. The Council worked closely with the former CCW and subsequently NRW along with Butterfly Conservation in the preparation of the SPG, and will monitor revisions to the conservation objectives for the SAC and respond accordingly.

Further proposals may also require contributions to improve matters in relation to infrastructure and utilities (including water quality issues by virtue of discharges at sewerage works).


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