Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan

Abbreviation List

AA Appropriate Assessment
ALC Agricultural Land Classification
AMR Annual Monitoring Report
AQMA Air Quality Management Areas
BBNP Brecon Beacons National Park
BGS British Geological Survey
BREEAM British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methods
CAMS Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy
CCC Carmarthenshire County Council
CCW Countryside Council for Wales
CIL Community Infrastructure Levy
CMM Caeau Mynydd Mawr
DA Delivery Agreement
DCWW Dwr Cymru- Welsh Water
EAW Environment Agency Wales
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
ELS Employment Land Study
EU European Union
GA Growth Areas
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GIS Geographical Information Systems
GVA Gross Value Added
Ha Hectares
HRA Habitats Regulation Assessment
ICS Integrated Community Strategy
ICT Information Communication Technology
IMD Index of Multiple Deprivation
IPC Infrastructure Planning Commission
JHLA Joint Housing Land Availability
KSF Key Stakeholder Forum
LBAP Local Biodiversity Action Plan
LDP Local Development Plan
LDPW Local Development Plan Wales
LHMA Local Housing Market Assessment
LHS Local Housing Strategy
LID Local issues and drivers
LPA Local Planning Authority
LSOA Lower Super Output Area
LTP Local Transport Plan
MIPPS Ministerial Interim Planning Policy Statements
MPA Mineral Planning Authority
MPPW Minerals Planning Policy Wales
MTAN Minerals Technical Advice Notes
NRID National-regional issues and drivers
NRW Natural Resources Wales
PINS Planning Inspectorate Wales
PPW Planning Policy Wales
RAWP Regional Aggregates Working Party
RBMP River Basin Management Plan
RIGS Regionally Important Geological Site
RTP Regional Transport Plan
RTS Regional Technical Statement
RWP Regional Waste Plan
RIGS Regionally Important Geological Site
SA Sustainability Appraisal
SAC Special Areas of Conservation
SC Sustainable Communities
SD Sustainable Development
SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment
SFCA Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment
SINC Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation
SLA Special Landscape Area
SMP Shoreline Management Plan
SO Strategic Objective
SP Strategic Policy
SPA Special Protection Area
SPG Supplementary Planning Guidance
SSA Strategic Search Area
SSSI Site of Special Scientific Interest
SUDS Sustainable Drainage Systems
SWWITCH South West Wales Integrated Transport Consortium
SWWRWP The South West Wales Regional Waste Plan
SWWTP South West Wales Tourism Partnership
TAN Technical Advice Note (PPW)
UDP Unitary Development Plan
WAG Welsh Assembly Government
WG Welsh Government
WFD Water Framework Directive
WSP The Wales Spatial Plan

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